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The engines roar to life and fill the air above Paris's Circuit de la Sarthe at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2022.

The vehicles begin their warm-up lap, starting with the Dunlop chicane, the Mulsanne straight, the Indianapolis and Arnage bend, and the Porsche and Ford corners. The LMP1s set the pace for the rest of the competition by launching the race with a load of fuel.


24 Hours Of Le Mans 2022 90th edition, starting grid, Roveri Eyewear blog article.


This year Toyota LMP2 took the win for the fifth time beating its sister car by two minutes. Despite a two-horse race at the front, Toyota proved its superiority again this year.

Due to their superior speed in the top-tier Hypercar class at Le Mans, both cars started from the front row of the grid and immediately engaged in a fierce duel as they proved to be about the same.

Nothing separated them as they raced lap after lap at sprint race speed.

The driver teams were fiercely competitive as they ran over the 8.4-mile track through the night and into the dawn. In the end, a single mechanical glitch proved to be the game-changer, as they had been trading the lead numerous times during the race's first half.


24 Hours Of Le Mans 2022 Toyota Boshoku winning team racing at the sunset.


When you see the starting grid for the Le Man's race, you can't help but anticipate the legendary start.

Designers at our company have imagined and honored the new collection as a legend from the past.
Moreover, it's remarkable to note that the 24 Hours of Le Mans is an event that attracts attention because of its exceptionality. We are talking about the 90th edition of the 24-hour live broadcast of the race in over 55 countries worldwide, not just the individual drivers or teams.


Andrea Mazzuca at 24 Hours Of Le Mans 2022, 90th edition anniversary, wearing Roveri Eyewear CLM7 Black on Black.


Every ounce of energy this race has generated over the years can be felt, from the gentlemanly attire of outsiders to the drivers' facial expressions at the finish line, revealing what they have experienced.


Toyota winning team at the 2022, 90th edition of the 24 Hours Of Le Mans, blog article by Roveri Eyewear.


The Le Mans 24 Hours event celebrated its 90th anniversary. In 1923, the first race of the series took place. The Automobile Club de I'Quest, a driving organization, formed in 1906, organized the event.

The official name of the epic, day-long event that passes through the little French town in Northwest France is Hours of Le Mans (24 Heures du Mans in French). It's widely considered to be one of the most thrilling 24-hour periods in the sport of automobile racing. It was featured in a classic film starring Steve McQueen, who was so enthralled by the race that he begged his producers to let him participate, but they said no.


90th edition of The 24 hours of Le Mans, night race begins while the night approaches over the circuit in France.


Le Mans has witnessed horrific wrecks, repeatedly broken speed records, and a plethora of incredible automobiles. It has long been at the vanguard of automotive pioneering and invention, pushed on by a desire to beat its competitors to the coveted title and prestige as the most robust, durable supercar builder on the continent - if not the globe. This race has a broad
and complex past, full of invention and genius, crazy tales, and even catastrophic disasters. Car racing has started trends, and companies have grown. The History of Le Mans is fascinating.


24th Hours Of Le Mans, spectators watching the race from the stands while the night approaches and the cars starts turning lights for the night race and the circuit in France becomes completely dark.


The 90th-anniversary celebration kicks off with a salute to the drivers. Honoring the courageous individuals who have changed the course of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Next, a presentation tour of the collection posters of Le Mans 24 Hours posters will be held in several places with the Chenard & Walker, the winning vehicle of 1923. The 11 automobiles that have shaped the race's history will be honored at this year's centennial tribute, which will be presided over by the Automobile Club of the West President Pierre Fillon. These are just a few examples of the
festivities that take place because of this thrilling race.


The winning team of The 24th Hours Of Le Mans, Toyota Gazoo crossing the finish line after the extremely long and endless race in France, blog article created for the event by Roveri Eyewear, June 2022.


Michele Claseri,

Creator of Roveri Eyewear.

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