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2023 F/W



By merging their visions, Gunther Werks and Roveri Eyewear have created a new concept of open-air driving sunglasses handmade in Bergamo, Italy.
The limited eyewear collection captures the spirit of a GW high-performance, bespoke vehicle paying homage to the naturally aspirated Porsches of a quarter-century ago.

Combining UDCT® carbon fiber and Beta-Titanium, this limited capsule collection has been designed to capture the unique blend of exclusivity and the attention to detail that characterizes all Gunther Werks creations.

Coming in two models, The Carbon Noire and The Sterling Bronze, these new sunglasses cater to car lovers and eyewear connoisseurs alike, with designs that don’t resemble anything seen before, while still conveying the unmistakable attention to detail and craftsmanship associated with Gunther Werks and Roveri Eyewear. 

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Prestigious, unique, and carefully finished with the utmost attention to detail and Italian finesse, the CLM-7 pantos men's sunglass by Roveri Eyewear is the culmination of Roveri’s avant-garde approach to eyewear applying advanced techniques with the use of carbon fiber and beta-titanium, inspired by the precision of high-end watchmakers and automotive design.

The CLM-7 sunglasses collection, features a UDCT® machined carbon fiber front frame, with the hallmark marble pattern of Roveri Eyewear design.

The beta-titanium temple frame with hidden hinges lends comfort, lightness, and a perfect fit on most face shapes. Created in 3 versions, Black On Black, Brick, and Deep Ocean, both styles are paired with machined multilayered carbon tips and feature Zeiss® sun, UV-protecion lenses.

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Reflecting the design of sought-after sports cars, Roveri Eyewear’s latest addition to the Carbon-Titanium eyewear collection, the RVS-NERO sunglasses blend modern style with timeless appeal and uncompromising performance.

Developed in Italy with experts in the field of carbon fiber, the RVS-NERO squared design features machined carbon fiber construction with a delicately patterned finish similar to that of marble.

The matte black PVD coated, Beta-Titanium frame is fitted with the highest quality ZEISS© Nylon anti-reflex and scratch-resistant lenses.

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The RVO18 Carbon-Titanium sunglasses collection offers a timeless yet modern aviator shape, available in two distinct versions: ORO (gold) and NERO (black).

This collection draws inspiration from two sources of excellence: the meticulous craftsmanship and elegance of coveted supercars, and the exceptional quality and aesthetics found in high-end timepieces.

Handcrafted in Bergamo, Italy, this collection is a testament to the mastery of carbon fiber manufacturing. It showcases a proprietary "in-house" UDCT® multilayered carbon material, the result of extensive expertise in the realm of composite materials. This innovative material features a unique blend of layers that contribute to its forged carbon and marble pattern. The frames, crafted from beta-titanium, offer both lightweight comfort and remarkable durability. Zeiss® lenses ensure exceptional clarity and provide UV protection.

The RVO18 Carbon-Titanium collection harmonizes technological innovation, refined design, and premium materials, embodying the essence of Italian craftsmanship and performance.

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Premium men's carbon-titanium sunglasses collection, handmade in Bergamo, Italy.


Roveri Eyewear stands for timeless style and exclusivity, with an innovative spirit in working with new and unexplored material combinations.


Enduring design, Italian craftsmanship, and bold steps in mixing high-performance materials. Like the precision and finesse of the most sought-after sports cars, Roveri Eyewear is conceived as a project of exceptional caliber and design, developed in Italy with experts in the field of carbon fiber, developing its own "in-house" UDCT® multilayered carbon material.


Roveri Eyewear produces limited collections to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and exclusivity. All the components used for every Roveri frame are sourced, tested and assembled in Bergamo, Italy.

Founded by Michele Claseri, Roveri Eyewear is inspired by luxury timepieces and fast cars.


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